Blue Tower Music
With one foot in the world of video game and motion picture soundtracks and one in old school synth music, FTL attempts to find the right balance between drama and comedy. The music is instrumental with a few occurences of voice synthesis, and common themes are science fiction and retro futurism. FTL uses a selection of electronic instuments ranging from toy keyboards to modular synthesizers. The project started in late 2013, but traces its roots back to the act Häpna Klubben (2005-2013).
Jovian Slugs
Jovian Slugs is an electronic music duo consisting of Love Aurell and the artist behind Blue Tower Music. They have collaborated on different electronic music projects since 2002.
Superface is an attempt to reconcile the pathetic with the delusional, sometimes with a gothic lack of grace, sometimes with new wave naivety. Somebody once referred to it as a gothic skiffle project, but that was pure speculation... Superface is thought to evolve musically, but all songs are about idiots. The artist behind Superface thinks of it as a punk project.